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Rod Jolliffe

I graduated from San Francisco State University and studied there with John Gutmann and later studied with the great printmaker Frank Espada. I have been photographing in the Western part of the US along with stints in Mexico and Europe for some 40 years. I have always had a love of great architecture and with my trusty Toyo 4x5 Field Camera have shot a lot of architectural images along with nature work and natural abstracts. For smaller and/or digital images I utilize Nikon digital cameras, I have used Nikons since getting my first Rangefinder S3 many years ago,

In about 2000, I moved from standard wet paper printing to digital after seeing the quality and tonal values that can be produced with today’s professional printing equipment and software, and I have been extremely pleased with the results.

I have recently been working an art/photography project involving utilizing the functionality of various art and photo tools to give a more abstracted view of images taken in various locations. The fashion eCommerce site VIDA saw my Art and Photo work online and invited me to become one of their fashion designers. I was honered to accept, you can see my work by clicking on the
R JOLLI FASHION AT VIDA item on the menu above.


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