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In printing my photographs, I utilize Hahnemule Fine Art and Red River papers for almost all of my prints. These papers have the characteristics of papers that have become popular in Giclée printing. These particular papers are on acid-free cotton, and are specially treated on one side with a receiver inkjet coating to enhance the shrarpness and water resistance of the finished prints. They are acid-free and are considered archival. All mat hinges and mountings are done with archival linen and specialized glues to achieve print permanance.
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Web Design and implementation is by: in Sacramento, Ca

Fonts we use on the site --- A number of people have asked how to get the good-looking text on our site, we utilize several web based fonts on the site to give a better look to the typeography. This allows for greater flexability in text fonts as we don't have to depend upon the user's computer to have the fonts installed on their machine.

A variety of fonts for website use can be found at:

We consistently use the newer HTML5 and CSS3 for our coding and design, and Photoshop CS6 for graphics and images.
Design work is done with Adobe Dreamweaver® on a Mac.