Buster -- a big, wonderfull, boy.
His name is Buster and is Labradoodle from a wonderful breeder in Tingley, Iowa.
Truly home raised, healthy, a happy and sweet boy, always approaching life at full speed.
He has a wide circle of friends and is loved by everyone (well perhaps not by the squirrels).

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Buster at 4 wks. old
Here he is with his white blaze and white paw showing…  
Heading to Sacramento
Here I am in the tote ready to get on the plane to Sacramento. I did really well on the plane and behaved my little self.  
Buster at 2 1/2 months
Oh boy, I'm growing, look how big I am now. Also, look at my big feet and the white blaze on my chest....  
I'm just laying here looking cute....  
Buster with Bear
I'm in my grass bed in the yard, This little bear is my favorite toy - I've had for a long time and I carry it around all the time.  
In the yard with Carol
I’m out in the yard with my Mom…  
My Beauty Picure
Here I am in the Fern Bed...  
Buster at 6mths with Rod
Here i am with Rod at 6mths, I just passed 50lbs.  
In his favorite chair
Siz months old, still carries arount his little bear…  
I’m a big boy now…
Wow, I’m 7 months old now, an getting be a big boy, I’m up to 60 lbs now…  
In the Park with Rod
After our morning walk, I’m getting to be a dog now, I’m up to 66 lbs, I’ll be One year old soon….  
I'm one year old now
Just turned one year old, moving from a wild puppy-hood to a dog.  
In the car with Rod
Were going to the store, look how big I'm getting.  
I'm two years old now
We just moved to Atlanta, I love walking in the forest there are do many animals - deer, racoons, possums, owls and the ever present squirrels.  
Watching the Squirrels
I just love to sit here an watch the squirrels play  
I'm a big boy now
I'm up to my full size now at a little over two year old, up to 76 lbs now.  
Out in the forest
Out walking with Carol in the Chatahoochee Forest  
After Grooming
I just got groomed, look at my spiffy scarf